Enlightened Soul Tattoo

GALLERIA MALL ~ ​​​​​​​​​​​​2nd floor next to Macys
1300 W. Sunset, Henderson, NV 89014

(702) 982-6444


  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    Please call the shop for pricing info, at 702-982-6444

  • How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?
    While pain levels are subjective to each individual, here are some guidelines for tattoo placement:

    Areas that have large clusters of nerves can be most painful. Areas that are ticklish, or less exposed to sensation, or have previous injuries, will be more sensitive to pain also.
    (Hands, Face, Solar Plexus, Throat, Nipples, Genitals)

    Areas that are less bony and more padded may hurt in a deep, pressured way
    (Stomach, Sides below ribs, Side of Neck, Inner Arms/Armpits, Inner Thighs)

    Areas that have muscle right under the skin may hurt in a  sharp, stingy way
    (Lower back, Top of Shoulders, Front of Arms, Top of Thighs, Calves, Buttocks)

    Areas that are more bony tend to feel pain in a burning way
    (Ankles, Hands, Wrists, Feet, Collarbone, Center of Chest, Shoulder Blades, Spine, Ribs, Kneecaps, Elbows)

  • What piercings do you do and how much does each cost? Is jewelry included?

  • Which piercings hurt more and which hurt less?

  • What are your age restrictions for tattoos & piercings?
    Anyone under 18 years old will need to have a state-issued identification, such as a driver’s license, to get a tattoo or piercing.  Student ID’s can be used only if a birth certificate is brought as well.  Parent or guardian (with documentation) must be present.

  • How should I care for my new tattoo?
    See our page on TATTOO CARE .

  • What if it needs touching up in the future?

  • What if I have a tattoo I want made into something different?
    We often do cover-up tattoos, and can work with you to design something you will be happy with.